Our firm is dedicated to smarter resolutions.


When it's you versus the world, depend on us.

It’s our belief that a single client’s case can bring about enormous change. And as attorneys, it’s our job to help clients regain what they’ve lost. We take cases that bring meaningful change to those involved and to society. Oftentimes these are cases which require substantial time and resources and have the potential to overwhelm other law firms.

Each of our clients benefits from the collective experience of more than a dozen attorneys, each with a diverse background and a commitment to bringing smarter solutions to the table. Collaboration sets us apart, but our tenacity and passion for helping clients make us formidable opponents in the courtroom.

Through research and a proven ability to navigate complex issues, Bartimus Frickleton Robertson have been able to get results that help change lives, and in the process, make clients whole again. For a brighter future or a chance to be heard – for the valuable, resourceful insight your case needs – reach out to us today.