A trial verdict is not always the last step in a case – a verdict means nothing if it cannot stand on appeal. Law firms across the country regularly turn to the attorneys at Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader to help them navigate the appellate process. Led by former Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice Chip Robertson, our appellate division is recognized as one of the finest in the United States.

Prior to joining the firm, Robertson was the youngest Missouri State Supreme Court judge ever appointed and went on to become the youngest chief justice in the history of the court.

After 12 years of writing opinions on nearly every aspect of the law, Robertson left the bench to join the firm.

Attorneys Mary Winter and Tony DeWitt were law clerks for Robertson while he served on the Missouri Supreme Court. They, along with attorney Kip Robertson, bring a wealth of experience in analyzing appellate issues and presenting them in persuasive, compelling terms to the courts.