"I was very happy with the settlement. Reaching it took a little while because Jim was fighting for us, for what we deserved."

Michelle Thomas, a 42-year-old mother of four, lost use of her lower leg when an artery was cut during what was supposed to be a simple outpatient surgery. The injury nearly resulted in amputation. Thomas, who worked in the home and as a part-time special education teacher, could no longer drive a car, teach or even perform household duties. She developed a permanent foot drop in her ankle, meaning she can no longer control her foot for walking.

Our attorney's research found that even if the cut artery had been identified earlier, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. Their work secured a settlement that helped replaced the Thomas family’s lost income.

“If there were bumps in the road, I never felt them. I was very impressed with the whole overall experience,” said Thomas. “The firm kept us on top of what was going on and let us know where we were in the process. “

“They really care about their clients, as individuals. It’s such an emotional time, and as a client I was going through so many different emotions, wondering why this happened to me,” said Thomas. “Jim erased the self-doubt and helped make me a stronger person.”