“We’d never had legal dealings with anyone before. We were nervous. But it got to the point where we felt like we were speaking with
a friend.”

What began as an ear infection in 2009 soon came to change the course of Lindsay Ripley’s young life. After months of painful symptoms, Lindsay visited a radiologist, who tested her and claimed to have found no issues. However, this was not the case. “We had several doctors tell us the tumor was present in the initial MRI,” said Lindsay’s mother, Mary.

Lindsay’s original medical team missed an acoustic tumor that was present on an MRI and didn’t properly diagnose the cancer until one year later, allowing the tumor to spread and metastasize. “Two weeks before trial we were able to resolve the case through mediation,” said attorney Jim Bartimus. “What was interesting is that all of the experts who viewed the original MRI said they saw the tumor and our experts said any competent neuroradiologist should have see it.”

Over the years of representing Lindsay, the firm had the privilege of getting to know this young woman and her family on a personal level. “Every meeting we had with Jim Bartimus, he began by speaking with Lindsay. He wanted to know how she was, how was school, what medical challenges she was facing. The first 15 minutes was always him catching up on how she was doing,” said Mary. “He listened and remembered from one meeting to another what her status was and we appreciated that.”

“He goes above and beyond,” said Mary. “He even gave us the name of a neurologist who is very hard to see and got Lindsay in to see the doctor.”

To learn more about Lindsay and her fight, visit http://www.rindsaysarmy.com/.