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Breach of Contract

Contracts are the bedrock of commerce; they shape how companies engage with suppliers, vendors, customers and more. When another party fails to fulfill its promises to you, you deserve to be made whole. Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader pursues breach of contract claims on behalf of individuals and businesses that have been wronged.

In one recent engagement, we were part of the team that represented the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City in a breach of contract matter against the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). The foundation claimed that HCA failed to fulfill capital improvement commitments to a set of hospitals it purchased in 2003; instead, it spent money building new competing hospitals. The matter concluded with a $160 million settlement.

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    We stand ready to help clients enforce a wide range of contracts, among them:

    • Services contracts
    • Buy-sell contracts
    • Commercial leases
    • Licensing agreements
    • Loan agreements
    • Employment contracts
    • Franchise contracts