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Class Action

What prevents a corporate wrongdoer from defrauding its customers a few dollars at a time?  After all, a customer who has only been cheated out of a couple of dollars may not have an incentive to pursue legal action for the loss, or they may not be able to find a lawyer to take a case that has minimal value. The corporate wrongdoer, though, may reap millions of dollars at the expense of thousands or perhaps even millions of customers.    

The answer is the class action. Class action cases seek justice for large groups of people who have suffered from a widespread abusive practice by a corporation or individual. This type of litigation exists so that hundreds, thousands or even millions of individuals can band together and bring a case collectively, where it might not make sense to proceed individually.

We have represented millions of clients nationwide in all types of class action litigation, from mass consumer fraud to illegal billing practices. Our purposeful approach has led to a solid track record of success:

  • Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader was lead class counsel in one of the largest consumer class actions in U.S. History - the AT&T Mobility wireless data services sales tax litigation. Our firm represented a nationwide class of AT&T Mobility customers who claimed the telecommunications giant improperly charged sales tax on internet access service. We secured a settlement of more than $1 billion.
  • Later, our firm achieved a second settlement with AT&T Mobility that resulted in a return to the nationwide class of more than $157 million in Federal Universal Services fees that had been mistakenly collected by AT&T for their cellphone customers.
  • Most recently, we represented a class of jurors, judges, courthouse employees and lawyers who were exposed to asbestos during a renovation of the Jackson County (Mo.) Courthouse; the matter concluded with an $80 million settlement and is regarded as the first medical monitoring case in the state of Missouri.

We help clients find more than a result. We help them find a resolution.

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Our firm is selective and strategic about the class actions we take; we focus our time and energy on novel cases with nationwide impact. We conduct thorough investigations, then build collaborations with quality law firms nationwide.