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Dangerous Products

Consumers have the right to expect that products will be reasonably safe when put to their intended use. Unfortunately, defective or dangerous products cause thousands of injuries every year when defects occur in the manufacturing process or manufacturers fail to warn about possible harm. Among our recent results for clients:

  • We achieved a $9.5 million settlement on behalf of a family whose furnace produced carbon monoxide in lethal amounts. The father and daughter died, and the wife and son sustained permanent brain damage. Inspections showed significant rust had accumulated on the furnace’s burners, disrupting the normal gas flow and causing incomplete combustion.
  • We obtained a $3 million settlement for an 18-year-old who suffered respiratory arrest during a routine wisdom tooth extraction. An investigation revealed that the surgeon’s nitrous oxide tank had been connected to the oxygen line; this settlement was reached with the installing plumbers for their policy limits. Through mediation, a confidential second settlement was reached with other defendants.
  • We secured a $19.7 million settlement for the parents of a boy who was decapitated at a Kansas City water park. The case, which received national attention, involved the Verruckt waterslide, marketed as the world’s tallest slide. The raft in which the boy was riding became airborne and crashed into metal rods supporting the slide’s overhead netting.

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Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader attorneys help make the marketplace safer by pursuing claims against companies that cut corners to make and sell their wares. We have taken on, fought and won cases involving a wide variety of products, from automobiles to appliances to recreational vehicles. Our work has involved allegations of carbon monoxide poisoning, seat belt failures and faulty furnace valves.