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LITIGREAT: Symposium for Rising Advocates

LITIGREATAs more and more cases are resolved outside of the courtroom, the decline in civil jury trials has been steep. As a result, it can be difficult for young attorneys to acquire practical litigation experience. Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader recognizes it is important to give back to the legal community by training lesser experienced attorneys. Every fall we draw upon our attorneys’ diverse experience – trial, medical, judicial, prosecutorial and appellate – to organize and sponsor a full day continuing legal education (CLE) program.

This one-day symposium, LITIGREAT: Symposium for Rising Advocates, is designed to introduce these "rising advocates" to the art of effective advocacy. LITIGREAT offers presentations from Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader attorneys, as well as other experienced litigators, trial judges and appellate court judge.

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    Past LITIGREAT Symposium topics include:

    • Voir Dire: Identifying and Exploring Juror Bias
    • How to Approach Mediation
    • Jury Instructions
    • Your First Trial: Advice from the Court
    • Handling Appeals
    • Deciphering the Insurance Coverage Matrix
    • Picking the Right Expert
    • Visual Strategy as a Tool of Persuasion
    • Deposition Strategy and Skills
    • Techniques for Handling the Hostile Witness
    • Client Communication
    • Ethics