Kelly Frickleton







2017 – University of Denver, J.D.

2013 – Santa Clara University, B.A.

My Biography

Kelly’s training in theater has prepared her for many elements of being a trial lawyer – both in the aspect of performance and her approach to cases. Central to her artistic craft was exploring “stories and narratives about the people and world around us.” She takes this same approach to her practice of law by taking the time to get to know clients’ stories thoroughly and deeply. When meeting with clients, Kelly asks about the circumstances that brought them in, but she also wants to know about their families and how they are doing now. She encourages clients to keep in touch with developments so she can keep track of all the ways their lives have changed since their injury. Getting the full story helps Kelly fight “to get them back to normal as much as possible.”

A natural problem-solver, Kelly uses her strong research and writing skills to craft legal strategies that help ensure the best possible resolution. “I really love what I do,” states Kelly. “When we work on a case, you get my personal attention. Our firm is very particular with case selection so that we have the ability to be intimately involved with each of our cases and clients.”

“I really love the law and exploring different aspects of cases and legal theory. Working at this firm and on the types of cases we have, I have the opportunity to dive deep into so many different corners of the law. One of the most satisfying things for me is to start the day with a complicated legal problem and end with an answer that will move our case forward.”

Diligent and dedicated, Kelly believes in seeking justice through the legal system. “Through advocacy we give a voice and hope to those who need it most,” she says. “As attorneys, we have a special skill set that allows us to take on the problems of others and use the system to give a voice to our clients at a time when they are at their lowest and need someone to advocate on their behalf.”

Kelly’s practice focuses on personal injury, including medical malpractice and insurance bad faith litigation. She also works with the appellate team to help clients navigate the appeals process and uphold trial verdicts. “This is a unique firm. Everybody brings something to the table, and we value each person’s individual strengths. We care deeply about our clients, about the law and about each other.”

My Story

Outside of the office, Kelly enjoys spending time with her family and rescue dog, Minnie.

An avid music fan and sometimes singer, Kelly can usually be found listening to music spanning all genres from early rhythm and blues to modern day show tunes (she knows all the lyrics to “Hamilton”).

Kelly’s love of research also extends beyond the office. “Since I was a kid, I’ve been described as inquisitive and a bit loquacious.” When she is not researching the law, Kelly enjoys listening to podcasts and reading about art, fashion and culture. “I believe that I can better serve my clients by better understanding the world around us.”

Kelly has also spent a considerable amount of time studying the intersection of law and race, specifically focusing on the history of Kansas City’s housing and school segregation.

One of her favorite things to do is to show off the city to people who have never been here – taking them on a tour from the River Market to The Nelson-Atkins Museum and out on the town for some live jazz music. “I was very lucky to go to school in California and Colorado and have friends all over the country who have never been to Kansas City, or sometimes anywhere outside of the coasts. I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the city and its history, and I love sharing that with people.”

She believes Beyoncé is “the greatest living performer,” counts “The West Wing” as her favorite television show and, most importantly, is proud to work for a firm that embraces the same values instilled in her from an early age: “Work hard, show up early, and always take the high road.”

Memberships & Affiliations


  • State of Missouri – All Jurisdictions
  • State of Kansas – All Jurisdictions
  • United States Federal District Court – Eastern District of Missouri
  • United States Federal District Court – Western District of Missouri
  • United States Federal District Court – District of Kansas
  • 8th Circuit United States Court of Appeals


  • Association for Women Lawyers of Greater Kansas City
  • American Association for Justice
  • Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association
  • Bar Leadership Academy 2018
  • Young Lawyers Section Social Committee
  • Women’s Foundation, Inner Circle Member
  • Missouri Bar Association
  • Kansas Bar Association
  • American Bar Association


  • Lawyers Encouraging Academic Performance
  • Volunteer, Operation Breakthrough Reading Buddies

Honors & Recognitions

  • National Trial Team
  • Robert B. Yegge Memorial Scholarship


  • Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, 2018 Bar Leadership Academy: “An Exploration of Segregation in Kansas City”