$ 2 million settlement

The firm obtained a $2 million settlement for a young child who developed a traumatic brain injury (hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy) due to improper fetal heart monitoring during labor and delivery. Experts were used in the fields of obstetrics, labor and delivery nursing, neonatology, pediatric neurology, neuroradiology, life care planning and economics. Michelle Marvel was the attorney on this case.

$1.6 million settlement

The firm negotiated a $1.6 million settlement involving the sale and mismanagement of a Fentanyl-based opioid narcotic.

$1.5 million settlement

The accident occurred in the early morning hours while the plaintiff traveled on eastbound Interstate 70 from her family farm to a farmers market in Kansas City. While driving eastbound in the right-hand lane, a 2008 Gulf Stream RV being driven in the left-hand lane (fast lane) by the defendant crossed into the plaintiff’s lane of traffic, causing the vehicles to collide. At the time of the accident the defendant was returning to Ohio from a vacation in Colorado Springs. As a result of the accident, the eastbound lanes of I-70 were closed for over four hours.

There were no independent eyewitnesses to the accident, and neither plaintiff nor the defendant had any specific memory regarding the accident. Neither driver was cited as a result of the accident. However, as a result of an in-depth investigation concerning tire marks left on the roadway, the location of the accident debris and analysis of the damage to the vehicles, the investigator was able to confirm that the collision occurred as a result of the RV crossing into the plaintiff’s lane of traffic, leaving no time for her to react.

During the course of the case it was also discovered that the driver of the RV had been pulled over earlier that morning by local law enforcement in another state for a welfare check due to a report of careless driving. The case was settled by Mike Rader for $1.5 million.

$1.3 million Settlement

At 5:00 p.m. on April 29, 2019, decedent was traveling westbound on Dennis Avenue just west of Ward Cliff Drive.  She was operating a Toyota Rav 4.  At the same time a Jeep Liberty owned by defendant was being driven eastbound on Dennis Avenue by a consensual driver.  Defendant’s vehicle suddenly veered left and crossed the centerline violently striking the decedent’s vehicle head on.  Decedent had no time to take any evasive action to avoid the collision.  Multiple eyewitnesses interviewed by Mike’s investigator confirmed defendant’s vehicle turned suddenly into the oncoming traffic.  The decedent was emergently transported from the scene to a local trauma center where she was pronounced dead.

It was later determined by medical care providers that the decedent likely died upon impact.  At the time of her passing, decedent was a stay at home mom to her 5-year-old son and married.  The current $250,000 wrongful death damage cap in Kansas applicable to non-economic damages necessitated an exhaustive evaluation of all possible economic loss claims.  This included lost family and household services.  As a result of Mike’s work and the help of two retained economic experts, he was able to collect $1,300,000 which represents the total amount of available proceeds from all parties (the owner of the vehicle, the driver and the driver’s two parents).  

$830,622 verdict

The firm earned a $830,622 jury verdict for a woman whose cancer diagnosis was delayed by three years.

$810,000 settlement

The firm earned a $810,000 settlement on behalf of a man who suffered head and back injuries after falling off a retaining wall at his apartment complex. An investigation showed the parking lot wall was unsafe and did not conform to code.

$750,000 settlement

The firm obtained a $750,000 settlement for a mother and her baby after the obstetrician used a vacuum during delivery. This created shoulder dystocia and a permanent brachial plexus injury.

$462,500 settlement

The firm obtained a $462,500 settlement for the family of an elderly woman who tripped on a poorly maintained sidewalk at an assisted living facility; the woman suffered an orbital bone fracture and later died from complications.