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Sue Wasson

Sue Wasson is an administrator and legal assistant, serving as personal assistant to James Bartimus. With the firm since 1982, Sue works closely with clients, guiding and assisting them through legal journeys. She enjoys working for a firm that provides an ethical and positive environment for employees and takes great care of every client. When not at the office, Sue enjoys caring for her husband and grandchildren, as well as hikes with her dog, quilting and painting.

What is your background and training in the legal field?

I worked in a law firm before coming to work for James Bartimus PC (now known as Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader) – but Jim has taught me everything, or I learned by doing it on the job. In those early days it was Jim and I—we did everything together.

What brings you joy? 

This new day brings me joy. A rainy morning, finishing a painting, working on quilts, talking to my grandson via FaceTime and a job well done all bring me joy, too.  

Is there a case that has made an impact on you personally?

Every case teaches us something —if we will listen—whether it’s a life lesson or a reminder to have a constant sense of gratitude.