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Representative Cases

  • $38 Million

    Protected $38 million jury verdict/judgment on appeal before the Missouri Supreme Court

  • $165 Million


    Following appeal, $165 million awarded to nonprofit public corporation for breach of contract. 

  • $8.5 Million


    Jury verdict upheld on appeal

How it Works

Oftentimes when our firm is drafting an appeal, we are working to protect a verdict obtained for our client, or perhaps to remedy a trial court’s ruling on a critical issue.  Other times, we are contacted by referring attorneys to guide their appellate process and protect or remedy what happened at the trial court.  No matter how an appeal starts, we approach our job with the same level of excellence.

Our team excels at tackling difficult legal issues that require in-depth research and creative legal arguments.  This exacting approach to research and writing is what sets our briefs apart from our adversaries.  When it is time for oral arguments, our attorneys employ proven strategies of case presentation to capture the attention of judges and command a just outcome for our clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Trusted Appellate Advocates

Appellate practice is different than trial practice.  Different rules control, and appellate judges focus on different issues.  Clients – and other law firms – hire us to protect wins and pursue change.  Not every lawyer enjoys the appellate process.  Our attorneys do.  We will spend whatever time is necessary to find the right legal precedent that shows why our clients should prevail.  Because we have practiced extensively in this area and have appeared before many appellate court judges, we have the knowledge needed to present a case in its most compelling light.  Our team has revolutionized the appellate oral argument through the use of visual demonstratives that tell the legal story of why our position wins the day.

Appeals cases can be very complex.  Too many lawyers would rather sound smart than communicate clearly.  The lawyers at Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader prioritize achieving the best results for our clients over sounding smart.  It is our job to be able to take all the information we learn during the case and distill the message into one that is easily understood by jurors and the other side.  Our lawyers pride themselves on crafting creative and effective communication methods that are proven to help win your case.  We incorporate the same, unique trial strategies that convince juries to vote in our clients’ favor when we present appellate cases to judges.