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Our team of premises liability lawyers at Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader is equipped to investigate any type of premises liability action. We have handled all types of premises liability cases, from those involving small retailers all the way to those involving mass casualty events at large event spaces. We know how commercial owners and their insurance companies operate. Our insight and experience allows us to build the strongest case possible against a premises owner.

We believe everyone should enjoy all that our community has to offer. We also believe landowners must keep the safety of their visitors and customers at the top of their priority list.

What To Expect For Your
Premises Liability Case

Each premises liability case starts with us listening to your story. Hearing what happened from you is the best way to understand what happened, how it happened, and what went wrong. 

We want to know everything you remember about the day you or a loved one was hurt. There is no charge for an initial consultation. Once we complete our initial interview, our team will get to work investigating and building your case. We will visit the place where you were hurt to see for ourselves what you experienced. With your help, we will identify any witnesses to contact and interview. If the dangerous land condition has been repaired, we will find out when and why. It is our job as your attorneys to gather all the evidence to show the landowner and its insurance company that they are responsible for your injuries and should compensate you appropriately.

Premises Liability

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Were you or a loved one harmed on someone else's property or at a business?

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We Fight For Justice & Compensation for Those Injured By Dangerous Conditions

Whether you have a claim for premises liability depends in part on if you had permission to be present on the property. Most often, plaintiffs in these cases fall into a legal category designating them an “invitee.”  For example, when a business is open to the public, customers who come to the store are invitees.

The owner of a store is required to maintain a reasonably safe premises that does not create or pose an unreasonable risk of harm to others.  The law also requires the owner to take reasonable steps to examine their property and investigate potentially dangerous conditions.  Too often when an accident occurs, it was preventable.  If the landowner knew or should have known about the danger and failed to take action to warn or otherwise prevent the dangerous condition, they may be liable.

A typical defense in these cases is that even though the dangerous condition existed, it was open and obvious to visitors.  However, what a landowner thinks is obvious might not be obvious to someone visiting the site for the first time.

Some premises liability cases have special requirements that must be met before you can bring a case.  For example, if the property is owned or controlled by a government entity, you may have to send notice to the government agency within a certain timeframe to preserve your ability to bring a claim.  If you have been injured on someone else’s property due to negligence, you should contact a lawyer quickly to make sure any notice requirements are met.

Premises liability cases arise in various contexts and can cause life-altering injuries.  We have handled premises liability cases involving nationally-known chain stores, businesses, and restaurants, amusement parks, lakes, industrial workplaces, construction sites, and outdoor commercial operations.  Often these cases require educating ourselves on applicable regulations.  We do this by educating ourselves through our own research and by relying on experts who provide insight into the particulars of different industries.  The right expert can point us to areas of a business we were not previously aware of and teach us the right way to ask questions that will get the answers we want.  We are known for finding the right experts.