One afternoon in August a 16-year-old boy was a guest at the Lake Quivira beach front swimming and diving facility.  He was with a group of high school students who were going to play beach volleyball.  When he arrived, he went to the diving boards and proceeded to do a series of acrobatic flips and dives.  After about 10 minutes, he proceeded down a lengthy boardwalk toward the beach and then did a 1-1/2 dive into an area of the lake near where competitive swimming events occur.  The water at that location was merely 4-5 feet deep and the boy impacted the lakebed with his head, causing his injury.  At the time of the accident, there were no signs warning patrons and guests of the depth of the water at any location on the boardwalk, nor were there signs prohibiting diving from the boardwalk.  Sometime in the late 90’s, the boardwalk had been resurfaced and “no diving” signs were removed and never replaced.  The bottom of the lake was not visible in the area where the plaintiff dove.  Although the rules at Lake Quivira purportedly prohibited diving from anywhere along the boardwalk, the owner and the lifeguards responsible for the boardwalk did in fact allow diving off one specific area.  In addition, competitive swimmers regularly dove from a form constructed below the boardwalk but in the same area where plaintiff dove.  Plaintiff claimed that Quivira, Inc. was negligent in maintaining a dangerous condition in failing to warn of the depth of water in the area where plaintiff dove and failing to warn against diving in that area.  Plaintiff claimed Missouri Valley was negligent in failing to advise Quivira to post proper warning signs and in allowing patrons to dive off the boardwalk.  After a two week trial the jury conducted by Jim Frickleton and Mike Rader, the jury returned a $20,000,000.00 verdict for plaintiff.