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How Qui Tam Litigation Works

The False Claims Act and its qui tam provisions provide security and protection for whistleblowers that have uncovered fraud. The Act allows a private citizen to sue an individual or a business that is defrauding the government.  However, attorneys and whistleblowers are required to work with the Department of Justice before filing suit.  Hiring the right attorney to guide your case through the process can make all the difference in achieving justice.

When we agree to take on your case, we are agreeing to devote the time, resources, and expertise necessary to achieve the best possible result. Our team will gather information and take steps to ensure evidence is properly preserved.  We will conduct a thorough investigation to identify who is responsible, confirm what happened, obtain, identify, and analyze all relevant documents, and determine theories of liability.

Qui Tam Litigation

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Qui Tam and False Claims Act cases are complex.  Success requires highly specialized and technical knowledge of key statutes and how they interact.  Our attorneys are some of the nation’s leading experts in the field of Qui Tam litigation.  We have the experience and relationships necessary to successfully handle these cases.  Too many lawyers would rather sound smart than communicate clearly.

The lawyers at Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader prioritize achieving the best results for our clients over sounding smart.  It is our job to be able to take all the information we learn during the case and distill the message into one that is easily understood by jurors and the other side.  Our lawyers pride themselves on crafting creative and effective communication methods that are proven to help win your case.