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For over forty years, Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader has been one of the country’s premier law firms representing people who have been injured through the wrongful conduct of others. That’s why individual companies turn to Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader to bring civil fraud actions on their behalf.

We offer some of the area’s most experienced and successful litigators, all of whom come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives that can be brought together to benefit our clients.  Indeed, civil litigation fraud claims typically run parallel to criminal fraud prosecution cases, which allows our clients to benefit from the perspective and counsel of Mike Rader, who served as a Jackson County, Missouri prosecutor before entering civil practice.

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The attorneys at Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader understand your case is your only case. Our process always starts with getting to know you, your family, your business, and your story. When we agree to take on your case, we are agreeing to devote the time, resources, and expertise necessary to achieve the best possible result. 

Our team will gather information and take steps to ensure evidence is properly preserved. We will conduct a thorough investigation to identify who is responsible, confirm what happened, obtain and analyze all relevant documents, and determine theories of liability. We will put together a team of highly skilled experts in the industry to assist with the investigation and support the claims.

We understand that the length, expense, and uncertainty of litigation can significantly impact your financial well-being.   On the front end, we work with our clients to evaluate the potential costs, risks, and rewards before commencing litigation to protect our clients’ legal, individual, and business interests. Throughout the life of your case, we are constantly exploring creative settlement strategies to mitigate costs and further damage.


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Our Kansas City civil fraud litigation attorneys can help you answer that question. Please click the link below to start the process.

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Filing a lawsuit arising out of alleged fraudulent conduct can be a complicated matter that involves several nuanced areas of law.  While business fraud often seems clear to the defrauded party, presenting a fraud case to a jury is extremely difficult.

Moreover, proving a party’s misrepresentations and the intent to defraud can be a high hurdle to overcome, and in a civil trial, the defrauded party carries the burden of proof and must show that a misrepresentation with intent to defraud was made, that they justifiably relied on the perpetrator’s misrepresentations, and they were damaged as a result of the conduct.

For these reasons, it is imperative that you retain a law firm with the resources, trial experience, and reputation necessary to maximize the value of your fraud case and advocate and pursue justice on your behalf. Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader is that firm.

An experienced civil fraud attorney can help you gather evidence to prove your fraud case, as well as file a claim. If we determine fraud occurred, our attorneys can help you receive compensation for the damages you suffered. If you are the victim of financial fraud, contact our attorneys to learn your legal options.