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For over 40 years, Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader has been recognized as one of the premier medical law firms in the nation.  We proudly represent persons who have suffered catastrophic personal, emotional and financial injuries caused by pharmaceutical drugs and/or medical devices.

We have the resources, experience, reputation and network of experts necessary to maximize the value of your case.  Our experienced lawyers in Kansas City conduct extensive investigations and work closely with medical professionals to evaluate the merits of each pharmaceutical or medical device case. We only proceed if highly qualified medical experts confirm wrongdoing has occurred.

Representative Cases

What To Expect For Your Pharmaceutical and/or Medical Device Case

Each case is unique. Every case starts with us getting to know you and your family. Our team will gather information and take steps to ensure evidence is properly preserved. 

We will conduct a thorough investigation to identify who is responsible, confirm what happened, and determine theories of liability. We will put together a team of highly skilled experts in the industry to assist with the investigation and support the claims.

Because pharmaceutical and medical device litigations is both rare and often disastrous, these types of cases can draw intense media interest. Our firm will handle communication with media outlets so our clients can focus on what is important. Our team is adept at merging legal and PR strategies, from media statements and press conferences to the implications of press coverage on potential jurors.

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