BFRR assists with KC boy’s Make-A-Wish dream of a YouTube TV station in his house

BFRR has loved partnering with Make-A-Wish throughout the past year, and this most recent Wish Reveal was no exception. Liam’s Wish was unique which made it a lot of fun to help make a reality! He wished for an in-home YouTube TV Station to share with his brother and sister where they could create videos.

Coordination with Make-A-Wish included: assisting with finding the generous donors, finishing out a section of the family’s basement, helping oversee the hand painted superhero and Fortnight-inspired wall mural painted by talented local mural artist J.T. Daniels,  shopping for decorations and other items to help finish off the YouTube TV Station and finally, installing all of the equipment.

BFRR staff and attorneys were “all in” when it came to preparing and working for Liam’s Wish.

Check out the news story by KCTV5 of Liam’s Wish Reveal to see how excited Liam and his family were on reveal day.