Mike Rader Wins Case For $1,225,000

Mike Rader successfully resolved a lawsuit on behalf of a wrongful death victim’s brother and sister for $1,225,000. The decedent was a 26-year-old man who was autistic, non-verbal and had down syndrome.  The young man was a full-time resident in a local rehabilitation facility.  Several times a week, the rehabilitation facility’ patients were loaded into a large passenger van and transported offsite for physical and occupational therapy.  In October 2018, while waiting to load his gym bag into the rear of the rehabilitation facility’s van, the van’s driver negligently backed over the man resulting in his death.  During the case Mike was able to prove the local rehabilitation facility violated several of its own policies and procedures related to transporting patients and safe vehicle loading.  As a result of the case, the residential facility was compelled to change their policies and rules which will prevent another tragedy like this from happening again.