2020 American Hero Dog Finalist

We are cheering on our favorite pup, Olive, as she competes for the coveted 2020 American Hero Dog Title. After receiving the 2020 Hero Therapy Dog of the Year, she will em”bark” on the journey to win the grand title as the finale airs on the Hallmark channel this Monday, October 19th.

Olive has served over 300 children since beginning in the court system in 2016, and continues to assist children with extremely difficult criminal trials in order to get a conviction against the abuser. Olive is an American Hero Dog to the children she serves, and deserves to add this title to her endless endeavors advocating for the awareness of child abuse/neglect and serving children in the courtroom.

We are so proud of the work that Lisa Groves has done and will be tuning in to root for Olive.

For more info on Olive, click here.