Class Action Lawyer in Kansas City

3 Reasons to Hire a Class Action Lawyer in Kansas City

Keep reading to learn why it’s essential to work with an experienced class action lawyer in Kansas City if you think you have a class action case.

Why work with a class action lawyer in Kansas City?

Class action lawyers often have experience working with hundreds to thousands of plaintiffs who have suffered similar wrongdoings from the same defendant. Lawyers experienced in class action law commonly do the following to ensure you and the other plaintiffs in your class get fair compensation for the harm you’ve all experienced.

1. Determine if You Have a Case

Potential plaintiffs commonly do not know they’ve experienced harm that could constitute a class action lawsuit. Generally, a class action lawyer can:

  • Determine if the plaintiff has a potential claim
  • Review a plaintiff’s situation
  • Protect a plaintiff’s rights
  • Help identify other plaintiffs who have experienced similar harm

Usually, a class action lawyer in Kansas City will consider these 3 things when determining if a class action lawsuit is appropriate:

  • Class size: Class actions are for cases that impact many people. The general class action rule is that the number of people affected should be so substantial that litigating each case separately would be impractical or inequitable.
  • Common claims: All plaintiffs in the class should have similar claims and have suffered similar harm.
  • The representatives must reflect the class: The class representative or representatives should have claims that are similar to other claims of the class.

The Benefit of a Class Action Case Consultation

Generally, a plaintiff will learn a lot about a class action lawyer’s approach during their initial consultation.

Most law firm consultations allow plaintiffs to discuss any questions they have about the law firm and the class action lawyer’s experience handling class action lawsuits.

2. Handle the Case’s Details

Once a class is created, the lawyer and their support team typically start to build the class action case by collecting evidence.

While all lawyers must gather evidence to prove that a defendant’s conduct was harmful, a class action lawyer in Kansas City must also gather evidence showing the defendant similarly harmed all of the members of the class.

It takes experience to effectively balance proving an individual’s claim while applying it to all members of the class. An experienced class action lawyer in Kansas City should have the following resources and qualities, making them valuable to plaintiffs within the class:

Substantial Support

Class action cases are usually a team effort and can involve hundreds to thousands of claimants. As a result, there are significant logistical considerations, which, in turn, require considerable resources to manage.

Plaintiffs will likely benefit from partnering with a skilled class action lawyer with a strong team experienced in providing support throughout class action case litigation.

Compatibility and Trust

A plaintiff and their case will benefit from working with a class action lawyer in Kansas City who is experienced and prepared to handle the challenging aspects of the class action lawsuit.

3. Think on the Plaintiff’s Behalf

A class action lawyer in Kansas City should work hard and use all their internal and external resources to protect their client’s rights.

A plaintiff should feel confident that their class action lawyer is up to the task of litigating their claim and dedicated to helping them get compensation for the harm they’ve suffered.

Feeling favorably about a class action lawyer in Kansas City’s litigation abilities is often an invaluable part of the process.

Areas Suited for Class Action Cases

Because by definition a class action case impacts many people experiencing similar wrongdoings, it typically occurs in industries with a broad reach.

Class action cases often involve the following types of incidents:

  • Products that harm a large number of people, like pharmaceuticals or defective products
  • Claims that involve pollution or environmental issues
  • Securities cases
  • Deceitful billing practices

Class Action Lawsuit Considerations

Class action lawsuits could allow plaintiffs to pursue claims when it might not otherwise be feasible or cost effective to do so.

Consider the following:

An individual gets overcharged $40 for their cable subscription and considers that others may have experienced similar harm. This person can contact a class action lawyer in Kansas City to help determine if the cable subscription company intentionally or surreptitiously overcharged this group of customers.

Recovering small amounts of money like this for multiple customers is likely only possible with class action litigation.

Class action cases could make the recovery process simpler.

A class action lawyer in Kansas City often helps distribute any proceeds from the case to plaintiffs. The proceeds are generally dispersed based on how much harm each plaintiff in the class suffered.

Class action cases could help the court avoid inconsistent judgments.

If each person in the class brought individual lawsuits to the court, judgments could vary. A class action case ensures all plaintiffs’ cases are judged consistently.

Class Certification: In order to pursue a class action, the class must be certified. This in essence means that:

  • The judge determines the claims are substantially similar, common, and typical of the defined class members.
  • The judge determined that pursuing the claims on an individual basis could create inconsistencies or inequities, and that it is practical to join the claims of the class members.
Class action lawsuits sometimes require plaintiffs to join the class in a specific way.

Some class action lawsuits require plaintiffs to take steps to claim their respective portion of the awarded proceeds, while others merely require plaintiffs to “opt-in.”

Work With a Class Action Lawyer in Kansas City Who Has the Class’ Best Interest in Mind

Generally, plaintiffs will benefit from working with a class action lawyer willing to devote the time, resources, and focus necessary to achieve the best possible result for the class.
A class action lawyer should also be committed to pursuing creative settlement strategies.

Contact Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader to Work With a Class Action Lawyer in Kansas City

If you think a company has harmed you and potentially others, finding an experienced class action lawyer in Kansas City to handle your case is essential. Our firm has represented millions of clients nationwide in different types of class action litigation, ranging from mass consumer fraud to illegal billing practices.

For example, Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader represented a nationwide class of AT&T Mobility customers against AT&T Mobility. The case claimed that the telecommunications giant improperly charged and collected sales tax on internet access services from its customers.

After the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois appointed our firm lead class counsel, Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader negotiated the settlement of one of the largest consumer class action cases in U.S. history, with $912 million being recovered on behalf of the class. Our aggressive but cooperative approach to this litigation resulted in an excellent solution for all parties.

When representing clients in a class action lawsuit, we devote the time, resources, and experience to get the best possible result. Our attorneys are dedicated to investigating cases the right way—by methodically working through each case to seek justice and get you the highest possible reward.

To get in contact with a lawyer today, use our virtual case tool or contact our office at (913) 266-2300 to speak with one of our team members.

The above is not intended to be legal advice. Each individual case is different and must be analyzed on its own set of facts and circumstances. If you believe you may have a case, it is critically important that you timely contact a lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.