Litigreat and KCMBA Happy Hour

Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader hosted its third annual Litigreat seminar at Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association in September 2018. The program is designed to introduce rising advocates to the art of effective advocacy. Top litigators and judges from across the state gathered to speak on a wide range of topics relevant to trial practice.

“It has become very difficult in recent years for young lawyers to learn the art of trial advocacy. Because many cases – especially complex cases – settle and do not make it to trial, we want to make sure that trial advocacy is not a lost art. Therefore, we created Litigreat to pass on to the next generation of trial lawyers the skills necessary to become a successful advocate,” Kip Robertson said.

This year’s topics included: how to approach your first mediation, crafting the right jury instructions, handling your first appeal, deciphering insurance coverage, how to handle a minor or disabled plaintiff’s damages, visual strategies as a tool of persuasion, perfecting deposition skills, and a comedic presentation for avoiding ethical missteps.

Following the day-long seminar, the team headed to JJ’s Restaurant where the firm sponsored the monthly KCMBA member’s happy hour. The firm’s attorneys enjoyed visiting with their peers and talking with Litigreat participants about the program to get new ideas for next year’s seminar.