When to Hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Kansas City

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When you walk into a medical office, hospital, or clinic, you put your trust in healthcare professionals to keep you safe and healthy. Most of the time, this happens without a second thought, but sometimes medical errors happen. 

An estimated 251,000 deaths occur each year in the United States due to medical errors—making this the third leading cause of death in the US. 

Whether it’s due to a missed diagnosis, improper medication dosage, a surgical error, or any other type of malpractice, the consequences of a medical mistake can be catastrophic. If you experienced harm from any of the following, you could be a victim of medical malpractice: 

Missed Diagnosis

A missed diagnosis is when a provider fails to diagnose a condition or diagnoses a condition incorrectly. This can happen when a provider: 

  • Misinterprets test results
  • Does not take medical history into account
  • Fails to recognize or properly evaluate symptoms
  • Fails to initiate necessary testing or referrals promptly

Delayed Treatment

A delay in treatment is when a provider does not offer timely medical care for a known condition. This can happen when a provider: 

  • Fails to recognize the urgency of a situation (ex: a patient comes to the hospital with symptoms of a heart attack, but the provider doesn’t prioritize their care)
  • Does not order diagnostic tests promptly or delays interpreting the results
  • Does not refer a patient to a specialist or other medical professional when needed
  • Fails to communicate with other members of the treatment team

Improper Treatment

If a provider does not properly administer treatment that falls within the accepted standard of care, it may be considered medical malpractice. This can happen if a provider:

  • Prescribes the wrong medication
  • Performs a procedure incorrectly or makes an error during the procedure
  • Uses an outdated treatment
  • Fails to provide proper follow-up care
  • Overlooks warning signs and concerning symptoms

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