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The Aftermath of Motorcycle Accidents

Back of ambulance as part of a motorcycle lawsuit in Kansas City

Motorcycle accidents can be truly devastating for all parties involved. From physical injuries to psychological damage, there is a lot at stake. 

If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident, it is crucial to contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Kansas City to handle your case. Motorcycle injury lawyers with experience in these cases know the intricacies and unique challenges that arise in motorcycle lawsuits. 

One way motorcycle accidents differ from car accidents is in the extent and severity of the injuries. Because motorcyclists don’t have the same protections as drivers (airbags, seatbelts, a metal frame, etc.), they are directly exposed to the impact. This can lead to severe injuries, including:

Road Rash

Road rash happens when a rider is thrown off the bike and skids across the pavement. The severity of road rash can vary from minor skin abrasions to severe complications, including infections and nerve damage.

Broken Bones

The impact from the collision, ejection from the motorcycle, or other forces can cause bones to break. Some of the most common bones to break in a motorcycle accident are the: 

  • Legs and arms
  • Collarbone
  • Skull
  • Ribs
  • Spine and back
  • Wrists and ankles

Broken bones can significantly impact a person’s ability to work, move, and participate in daily activities. Broken bones can also lead to more severe complications, including infections, nerve damage, amputations, and more. 

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is responsible for communicating between the brain and the rest of the body. 

Spinal cord injuries can result in paralysis, numbness, loss of feeling, loss of control, and other complications. 

Head Injuries

Head injuries are a significant risk for those involved in motorcycle accidents. Head injuries can lead to permanent disability or even death, making prompt diagnosis and treatment essential. 

Internal Bleeding

Not all injuries are immediately visible after a motorcycle accident. The force of a collision can cause bleeding and other injuries within the body that require immediate medical attention. 

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The above is not intended to be legal advice. Each individual case is different and must be analyzed on its own set of facts and circumstances. If you believe you may have a case, it is critically important that you timely contact a lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.