Rebecca Wohletz



My Story

Rebecca organizes medical records for firm cases and administers bookkeeping. Rebecca knew early on she wanted to work in the legal field, even considering law school early on. She started out as a legal assistant, and with the firm since 2006, enjoys managing records.

Why is the legal field a good fit for your personality and skill set?

I want to see justice served to those who deserve it, so the law is perfect for me. Any job I undertake I want to give my full dedication, and that becomes even more motivating when I am working for clients who have been seriously harmed. I contribute a great attention to detail in my work, which has been helpful in managing medical records.

How do you think Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader is different than other firms?

Our firm stands apart by the personal relationships we create. We know our clients, and they become almost friends for whom we are trying to reach a resolution. I remember when I had first started working here, I saw a wedding snapshot affixed to the outside of a case file. I asked another legal assistant why that was there. She told me that they put pictures of the clients from a happy time on their file folder to remind everyone working on the case this is the person we are working for, and it is not just another case name.

What brings you joy?

Spending time with my family brings me so much joy. I love to rediscover things while watching my children experience them. I also love to travel, to explore new places and have new encounters.