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Mike Rader Named "50 Missourians You Should Know"
Ingrams 50 Missourians

Congratulations to our very own, Mike Rader, who was recently named among Ingram's 50 Missourians You Should Know.

Among the life lessons regularly reinforced by his parents during Michael Rader’s youth, two stand out: “They always explained there weren’t many aspects of the world not impacted by the legal profession,” says Rader, who, sure enough, went into the practice of law. Just as important, though, “I was also raised by my parents to always stick up for those who couldn’t defend themselves and always help those in need.” That would dovetail nicely with the mission of Rockhurst High School and its mandate for each student to live his life as “a man for others.”

“I decided being an attorney was the best avenue to pursue the ‘stick up for the little guy’ and ‘help where you can’ ideologies that I’d been taught growing up,’ he says.

The tools he uses to do that are courtroom skills for one of the region’s best-known litigation firms. Rader is a Blue Springs native who studied political science and history at Mizzou, then earned a law degree from UMKC.

“Litigation is the absolute best arena to even the playing field when someone has been wronged or harmed by a larger, stronger bully,” says Rader, who also helped administer justice during five years as a Jackson County prosecutor. “I am extremely proud of the opportunities I’ve been given (and hope to be given in the future) to help those who have been taken advantage of or harmed by wrongdoers,” Rader says.

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